Digital Transformation 2023
How much will it cost you to get a custom software solution for your business in Australia?
What is the estimated cost of custom software?

More and more businesses and organisations are looking into getting custom software because no off-the-shelf software can fulfil all their specific needs. However, due to the varying requirements, it’s tricky to determine the exact custom software development cost at first glance. The total price can range widely somewhere between A$30k to A$500k.

Let’s go into more detail to find out how much investment it will require in your particular case.

What does the cost of the custom software depend on?

Custom software development cost is affected by numerous factors:

  •  The size. The larger your project is, the more significant investment is required. The size of your software can give a slight estimate of your development cost. The more screens or pages you need – the bigger the size. Small applications range from 10 to 25 screens and cost around A$40-100k. Medium custom software systems comprise 25-40 screens and cost A$100-200k. Anything over 40 screens is considered large and will cost up to A$300k and more.
  • The complexity. It is different from the size, though an app that performs heavy analysis can be viewed as a large one. But size is about screens, and complexity is about nuances and permutations. The more functionalities you want to enable through your codes, the more complex your software becomes. If you want to add more complex logic and outcomes in your software, it will take more time and, thus, will increase your overall cost.
  • The design.  The more exquisite you intend to go with your software design, the higher it will cost. Of course, you can always go simple!
  • Integrations with other systems. Most software products require integration, either with third-party applications, APIs or with the existing enterprise legacy apps, so this will add variables to the equation. Integrating with third-party apps or popular APIs might cost less than when you want to integrate your custom software with an old legacy application. Moreover, some software might also require building new APIs to integrate them seamlessly. This would also impact the overall cost.
  • Migration of existing data. When building custom software, the developers will need to take data out of your old system, dust it off and reshape it so it can fit into your new system. The software development team needs to handle all aspects of your database migration like validation, data conversion, cleaning, analysing, securing, profiling, and quality assurance. The size of your database, its security requirements, existing vulnerabilities, and other things will affect the cost of custom software development.
How can I know the exact price of the custom software for my organisation?

After collecting and analysing your ideas and requirements, a software company will work out the project’s structure and roughly estimate the amount of work needed to implement it. Most companies use the hourly pricing model for their custom development, so the work hours required will determine the cost of your project. Maintenance costs should also be taken into consideration.

No matter the price, custom software development typically brings a great return on investment for any industry. It provides a convenient platform for facilitating operations management, optimising human resources, and reducing future costs. Custom software is an essential component of any enterprise’s innovation and growth.

Anyway, the software may be built to fit a certain budget. This is usually done by lowering priority items or not including some items in the project.

What company in Australia can be trusted with developing a custom software solution for my business?

Genolis (Unicon Software) has been offering custom digital solutions to Australian businesses of all scales since 2000. We have a team of dynamic and experienced technical experts to turn your custom software idea into reality. We are efficient, customer-focused and result-oriented, which allows us to deliver optimal solutions for competitive prices.

Feel free to share your business needs and requirements, and we will estimate your custom software development. We will keep in mind everything around your project to develop an optimal solution that will perfectly meet your business needs within an affordable budget.

Implementing a custom application in your business can become one of the best investments in your enterprise’s development, ensuring innovation, giving you a competitive advantage and taking your organisation to the next level in 2023.

Please feel free to contact us to get a free quote.

Genolis (Unicon Software) will be happy to answer any questions you might have.