Blockchain development services
Looking to implement your great app idea on blockchain. Genolis offers a range of blockchain development services on Ethereum, Ethereum 2.0, Binance(BSC), Polygon(MATIC), Avalanche(AVAX), Terra(LUNA), Cosmos blockchains.

We will lead you throughout the blockchain implementation journey, using design thinking approach— from ideation to launch while taking accountability for the transparency, security, and robustness of developed application.
Full-scale blockchain
We have knowledge and experience successfully launching Decentralised Apps on blockchain.
Our team of UI/Ux designers, front end and smart contract developers are ready to build a secure and robust crypto dapp. DevOps and cloud experts will ensure your DApp scalability and availability.
Configurable DAO smart contracts templates are ready to be used to implement your tokenisation, vesting and governance mechanisms.
We can implement your tokenomics model using industry-approved template contracts or customize them to perfectly fit your needs.

You can check out our recent work in blockchain space:
1. Lunaverse - Metaverse on cosmos ecosystem
2. Outpost - Unique open source dApp development tool

Blockchain Consulting

We will design a roadmap for implementing a blockchain application, outlining the design, selecting the optimal blockchain platform (taking in account security, reliability, market cap, community, consensus mechanisms) , and thinking out all the required features and integrations.

Smart Contracts

We have developed 30+ smart contract on Ethereum, Binance, Terra (and other Cosmos) blockchains. We have ready to be used contract to implement various DAO mechanisms like staking, vesting, governance polls and Airdrops . Our main development tools are Rust and Solidity

NFT marketplace

With in-depth knowledge of ERC-721(as well as cw721) and ERC-1155 standards, smart contracts and IPFS protocols, our team designs and builds a user-centric NFT marketplace platform where users can create and trade NFTs. Our NFT development team provides a token creation feature as a service to your NFT marketplace. It allows users on the platform to mint tokens for their assets. We continuously monitor, maintain and offer support for managing third-party upgrades, new OS releases and ensure nodes are always up and running.

Ai based dApps development

We can deliver Ai powered dApps using the blockchain to reduce your costs and generate economic value for your and your business

Decentralized Apps

We have worked on 10+ decentralised applications. To speed up development we use flexible smart contract libraries to implement most used aspects of DAO (Decentralised Autonomous organisation), DeFi (decentralised finance), gambling and so on.

Asset Tokenization

We will develop software that turns any of your assets — from art to securities — into unique, unreplicable tokens, so you can handily create, manage, and exchange your assets, delivering you a whole new revenue stream.

Oracles (off-chain data and services)

We will develop, deploy and maintain oracle for your blockchain of choice to ensure that your every customer gets the right data in the right place. Via oracle, on-chain smart contracts can connect with other on-chain data marketplaces and off-chain souces or APIs. An oracle enables dApp developers to easily retrieve highly validated data from external sources and also access off-chain computation Oracle tracks your network logs, and for any smart contract state changes, it sends push notifications to off-chain systems. Decentralized Oracle Network provides Defi applications access to tamper-resistant, high-quality aggregated data that is safe from risks like oracle exploits and flash loan attacks. Automate the backend of business processes to remove counterparty risk and reduce dependencies on third parties. Incorporate decentralized data inputs to provide your users with superior guarantees about the execution of key services

Metaverse development services

We will make your dream come true, from pre-production investigation to first prototypes of metaverse to full fledged solution running on top of most popular blockchain with hundreds of high-polygonal models and beautiful environments made using latest technology (UE5 or Unity)

Common tasks for this services would be:
2D/3D models (assets) production: Creating virtual representation of objects/characters/worlds
3D animation services: Animating characters / objects /worlds
Metaverse app development: Application logic development, application distribution, assets integration, analytics, server side technology
Decentralized platform development: Contracts development (NFT, Token, Airdrops, DAO, Staking), deployment plan, launchpad assess preparation, deployment
Social media development: Marketing plan, content plan, marketing articles, discord community
Metaverse market development: NFT marketplace
Integration services: External providers (assets, services) integration in app and Decentralized platform
Pre-production services: Product development, customer research, market research
Post-production services: Support, new features implementation