AI (Machine learning) building
Interested in creating new revenue streams or expanding current ones? Look no further. With our AI knowledge we can deliver you a solution that would fit all your needs with modern AI ethics and ESG policy consideration.
Our systems
Whether you need a modern CRM powered by an intelligent bot, Machine learning-integrated analytics for advanced insights or predictive self-care health industrial diagnostics, we can build it. Our intelligent systems coexist with your current infrastructure. Our team consists of data scientists and engineers, machine learning specialists and algorithm experts. We bring best AI solutions for our clients in Australia and around world. We build the tools that give decision-makers access to knowledge that they never had before. Our AI solutions deliver power over competitors. Data driven decision making is a key technology in the modern world. We use CRISP-DM analytics framework for our AI related workloads.

Machine learning

We help software identify patterns and predict outcomes by using machine learning (instead of explicit programming for custom solutions), such as recommendation engines or predictive sales channels, LTV and targeting forecasting - are popular today among businesses all over the world - including e-commerce sites!

Conversational Tools

We utilize a combination of Machine Learning and Deep learning capabilities to create intelligent conversational tools to answer customer queries automatically without human intervention - telegram and discord bots are commonly used in our everyday life.

Sales Intelligence and customer offer personalisation

it is a great way to increase your sales by providing intelligent insights, efficient recommendations, and valuable predictions for your specific customer groups or, even, your specific customer!

Predictive Analytics

This technology provides likely future outcomes based on historical trends, allowing you to make better business decisions, leading to more successful relationships with clients - from optimizing marketing campaigns, to increasing sales, all while reducing the associated risks.

Deep learning

Using artificial multilayer deep neural networks we can build systems that respond in ways similar to if they were being driven by a person, smart home assistants, Video/object detection and further actions.

Classification Tools

We provide custom AI classifiers that help businesses better predict outcomes by identifying source patterns in unstructured data such as sales reports, security audit logs, data lakes and so on.

Video, Image And Text Analytics

Our tools are designed with one goal in mind - generating profit by understanding how your business may benefit in area like Video, Image and text analytics - whether it’s clients face recognition on mall entrance or emotional intelligent analysis of your work email traffic.

Custom AI Solutions

Real world solutions often come as combinations of tools and techniques described above, we are experts in providing such tools, to deliver you a predictable business value in time.

Different tools for your needs
We use different kind of tools in our workflow from custom python deep learning frameworks (Keras, Pytorch, Tensorflow) to industry leading solutions from Microsoft and Amazon
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Big data analytics
Apaches Hadoop, Spark
Relational and non relational databases
Postgres, MySQL, Mongo, Cassandra
Statistical analysis and computing
We use both python and R
ML Frameworks
PyTorch, Keras, Tensorflow
Data processing
Python, C++, Java