Unique dApp development tool
website: outp0st.io

Features Ease of deployment
Deploy contracts to Mainnet, Testnet or Localterra at the click of the button

Secure access to Mainnet deployment wallets within the team

Our vision for Outp0st is for it to become the trusted standard toolbox (read: UX layer) for the open source contracts infrastructure landscape. Think of it like Kubernetes for developer experience or CMS-like interface for blockchain entrepreneurs.

Increase transparency and collaboration between technical and non-technical team members

Easy TGE
Take the stress out of the TGE activities, while providing secure and robust communication with less impact of human error

Visualise your dApp
Visualise your contracts, messages and add documentation to each one of them - with one CLI command
Technology used:
Customized Material UI
Contract development
Team contract development
Mainnet deployments with separation of concerns
The main features are:
Based on Terra Station - including security mechanisms
UI generation based on contracts source repository
Contract deployment, instantiation and execution in organized, predictable way
Contract and messages documentation
Shareable UI
IPFS as a storage layer