Wire harness costing solution
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AME specialises in customised electrical solutions for heavy transport, military, medical and special purpose vehicles and machinery, offering full service and support from design to delivery, and after-market sales. Company’s expertise spans almost 40 years, with a long history of leadership and success in the electrical harness industry.
Technology used:
Angular 6+
SQL Server
The Client used Excel spreadsheets to do re-costing and data had to be collected manually from different systems – which took an enormous amount of time and effort with a rather low accuracy and traceabilty. We were approached to build a system that would consolidate data from multiple systems and yeild a quote in a more timely, accurate and efficient manner. The result is a major increase in speed of quoting, precision of coordinated data and visibility both for the Client and their Customers: the system produces a shareable complex quote within a few clicks.
The system features:
Integrated design, manufacturing and pricing data
Up-to-date comprehensive data, real-time mode
Seamless multi-platform integration
Historical pricing variation tracking
Enhanced automation
Modern easy-to-use interface